Browse through the past six years of Re:New at your leisure.

Issue 5 (2017): Behind-the-Scenes Edition

In this edition, we lift the curtain to provide a behind-the-scenes look at the multi-layered, multi-textured place that is New College, bringing to the fore some voices and faces essential to the everyday operations at NEW that are not always in the limelight. This issue also takes a closer look at some thematic threads underpinning life at the college: physical space and placemaking, food and community, equity and excellence, identity and transformation.

Issue 4 (2016): Entrepreneurship Edition

Here, Re:New — boasting a fresh design and layout — offers an unconventional view of entrepreneurship through a New College lens. It showcases an array of enterprises launched and led to success by NEWtonian alumni, asks what it takes to be a leader with business savvy and explores the idea of social entrepreneurship. This issue also marks the beginning of our “Room with a NEW” series.

Issue 3 (2015): International Edition

This issue of Re:New pays special tribute to New College’s international connections, both in its programming and within its community — after all, international students make up a good third of all NEWtonians, and 65 per cent of students living in residence at NEW. The issue discusses the International Foundation Program, the E. Anthony Ross Fund for Community Engagement in Belize and NEW’s incoming MasterCard Foundation Scholars.

Issue 2 (2014): Community Engagement Edition

In its second year of publication, Re:New explores deeply one of the pillars of learning and living at New College — its dedication to building close ties with, contributing to and drawing knowledge from surrounding communities. It also features an article on the departing registrar Sally Walker and asks why the practice and study of mindfulness might have a special place at NEW.

Issue 1 (2013): 50th Anniversary Edition

Re:New’s inaugural issue offers reflections on New College’s first half-century of existence, taking a closer look at some of the college’s programming, delving into NEW’s commitment to community engagement and exploring some unique features of the college, such as its architecture and the Woodland Art Collection.